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Professional dental cleaning in Munich

Clean teeth through professional dental cleaning and prophylaxis in Munich

An important cornerstone of our practice philosophy in Munich is prophylaxis to avoid treatment from the ground up. Regular check-ups and professional tooth cleaning (PZR) help to avoid treatments or to keep their extent only small. The PZR follows a modern concept with cleaning by ultrasound, gentle powder blasting (Airflow), fluoridation and tips and instructions for home dental care by our well-trained prophylaxis assistants. Of course we pay attention to adequate protection from spray mist with special covers and keep hot (cool in summer) cloths ready.

When cleaning your teeth, you can, of course, have a regular check-up.

We would also be happy to remind you at regular intervals of your upcoming dental cleaning, by SMS, e-mail or letter.


The costs of professional teeth cleaning with us in Munich are usually covered by private insurance or supplementary insurance. Some statutory health insurances reimburse at least part of the costs. For those with statutory health insurance, the co-payment is approx. 100-140 euros (depending on the work involved; it is charged according to the scale of fees for dentists).