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Gums - Periodontitis treatment in Munich

Any restorative treatment can only be successful if the tooth bed, the foundation of every tooth, is healthy. It is important to recognize and treat periodontal diseases (inflammation of the gums and periodontium) in time. Otherwise, there is a risk of premature tooth loss due to bone resorption and resulting tooth loosening. One indication of such a disease is bleeding gums.

If during an examination or according to the patient's information there are indications of periodontitis (bleeding on probing, deep pockets), a PA status is first determined (measurement of all tooth pockets) and in addition a bacterial test is carried out. The bacterial test determines which and how many bacteria are involved in the disease. Accordingly, an appropriate antibiotic can be selected, which should be taken as part of a periodontitis therapy.


Photodynamic therapy (laser treatment) of the tooth pockets can reduce the probability of recolonisation. A special gel is inserted into the tooth pockets and activated with a laser. This happens completely painlessly.


After a successful periodontitis therapy, regular follow-up care through professional cleaning in our practice in Munich is important to ensure long-term therapeutic success.