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Oral surgery Munich

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Oral surgery specialist in Munich - Dr. Ihor Prokhorenko

Our practice is located in the heart of the city, where we offer all areas of oral surgery Munich. From tooth removal to dental implants via bone augmentation, sinus lift or the removal of wisdom teeth, we offer all the crucial services from oral surgery.

Dr. Ihor Prokhorenko is known as an oral surgery specialist in the centre of Munich and performs operations efficiently, professionally and with shortened wound healing afterwards. Find out more about our services now.

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is one of the specialisations in dentistry with a particularly wide range of applications. It includes all surgical interventions in dentistry that are performed in the jawbone and in the entire oral cavity. This means that oral surgery is part of everyday life in our practice and lays the foundation for successful implants, for the removal of teeth and for the elimination of all conceivable complaints.

Corresponding operations of all kinds are often important in order to be able to carry out other treatments, to preserve teeth or to avoid major damage to the jaw. The areas of application of oral surgery are correspondingly versatile, but the highest level of expertise must always be ensured in order to exclude any form of complication as far as possible right from the start.

Our oral surgery services in Munich

Within the framework of oral surgery, various services are offered that are of particular importance to patients. The services lay the foundation for a tooth replacement, for the preservation of teeth, for placed implants or for the removal of severe damage and inflammation.

The focus of all services is on the one hand the preservation of the patient's teeth and on the other hand the prevention of all conceivable long-term damage that can occur. In the following, we will take a closer look at the various main services and show you which procedures we specialise in in Munich:

Dental implants

With an existing tooth gap, it is particularly important to use optimal and natural-looking dental implants for a beautiful smile. The degradation of the bone is stopped by dental implants and it is possible to preserve the surrounding teeth accordingly. We work with long-term options and high-quality materials so that dental implants in Munich can be used permanently.

Tooth removal

Tooth removal is not desirable, of course, as we always try to preserve the tooth first. If this is not possible, the tooth is removed as gently as possible during oral surgery. This can be the case with a particularly severe caries infestation as well as with a lack of space in the jaw, with advanced periodontitis or with a chronic inflammation of the tooth nerve.

Wisdom tooth removal

Shifting of the entire teeth up to real damage to the jaw is possible with wisdom teeth. It can happen that in some people the teeth are not present, never emerge or do not cause displacement of the neighbouring teeth. It is often necessary to remove the wisdom teeth, sometimes also in a preventive form, in order to avoid corresponding damage.

Bone augmentation / sinus lift

If a tooth is removed without providing a replacement, for example in the form of a dental implant, the bone may be reduced. This leads to the need for bone augmentation, which is also possible within the framework of oral surgery. Without such bone augmentation, the implant cannot be inserted in some cases, as the necessary support is lacking here.

A special procedure for bone augmentation performed before implantation is the sinus lift. This involves thickening the floor of the maxillary sinus, which is possible with implant placement in the upper jaw. Whether appropriate methods are required and which is the best solution for your jaw will be determined in consultation with the dentist.

Root apex resection

Root canal treatment is intended to preserve the tooth, but unfortunately does not always lead to direct success. In order to preserve the tooth in the case of an inflamed root tip, an apicoectomy is necessary, which is to be carried out carefully and at the same time professionally within the framework of oral surgery.

In this form of treatment, the dentist removes both the inflamed root tip and the tissue around it that is also affected. Through this treatment, it is possible to save the tooth in many cases.

We guarantee competence in oral surgery in Munich!

Overall, we distinguish ourselves within the scope of oral surgery by using the most modern methods. The highest level of expertise and knowledge of lesser-known measures complement the possibilities in our centrally located practice in Munich. With the option of offering the individual areas of oral surgery and providing our patients with a comprehensive service, we represent a comprehensive care option in the city.

Do you need oral surgery services or have complaints with your teeth? Contact us for an appointment so that you can soon be pain-free and with a healthy smile. We look forward to helping you.

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