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Front tooth aesthetics in Munich

Front tooth aesthetics through veneers or fillings in Munich


Veneers (ceramic veneers) play a special role in the restorative therapy concept. Especially in the aesthetically highly sensitive anterior region they are suitable for best aesthetic results. With them it is even possible to conceal small malpositions in the front tooth area in a highly aesthetic way, in some cases even without grinding the tooth beforehand.

In recent years, prefabricated veneers or variants made of composite materials have increasingly been propagated, which are intended to provide a quick, simple and inexpensive solution. However, it quickly became apparent that these individually laboratory-fabricated ceramic veneers are far inferior in terms of aesthetics and durability. Ceramic offers optimal refraction and translucency and, when properly fabricated and placed, cannot be distinguished from the real tooth.

Since the 90s, veneers have been used in our practice for therapy. Even before they are made, we can display the planned results directly in your mouth via a so-called "mock-up" and you have the opportunity to influence the shape and colour of this "sample". An experienced dental technician is present at all important steps, and together with you an optimum of aesthetics and function can be achieved.


Veneers usually represent an aesthetic measure. They are neither covered nor subsidised by the statutory health insurance funds. In the case of private health insurance companies, it is difficult but not impossible to cover the costs if there is a medical indication. The costs vary from patient to patient and are charged according to the German Dentists' Fee Schedule (GOZ).

Aesthetic fillings

With special, highly esthetic composite filling materials, esthetic deficits such as old fillings, broken or gritted teeth can be restored in a minimally invasive and esthetic manner. Using a multi-layer technique of special enamel and dentin materials, the fillings can be ideally adapted to the tooth. When restoring large defects of several teeth, we can simulate the result with a "wax-up" (trial restoration made of wax on plaster models), modify it if necessary and transfer it to the patient's mouth.

Many types of chalky white stains in the anterior region can often be well concealed with minimally invasive infiltration. The tooth regains its natural color without drilling and in just one session. One advantage of the Icon method: healthy tooth substance, which would otherwise be damaged by drilling, is spared!

Icon closes the pores in the enamel

When minerals are lost from the enamel due to the onset of caries or mineralization disorders, a pore system develops which appears chalky white due to altered translucency and light refraction. With Icon, the pores are filled again. This stabilizes the tooth structure and the tooth regains its natural color.

The tooth is now permanently sealed in the corresponding areas, acids can no longer penetrate the tooth, and the natural color is restored.

This is done in several steps

1. gums and adjacent teeth are covered by a membrane or special light-curing gel

2. the surface of the decayed tooth is pre-treated with a special gel

3. the now open pores are dried with alcohol

4. a special low-viscosity filling material, the Icon plastic, is used to fill and seal the pores or the beginning caries

The advantages of the icon method summarized

- Beginning caries can be stopped early

- Healthy tooth substance is preserved because no drilling is necessary

- The treated tooth surface is very similar to natural enamel

- No drilling, no injection, no pain

- Only one session is necessary for the treatment

Costs of the ICON method

The costs for an Icon treatment with us in Munich vary individually from case to case. However, the costs are neither covered nor subsidized by statutory health insurance companies. In the case of private insurance companies, no general statement can be made, as coverage depends on the individual contracts. Icon treatment is billed according to the dentists' fee schedule (GOZ).

You can find further information with reference to aesthetics on the website of our specialist society DGÄZ (German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry).

Bleaching represents a purely aesthetic measure and can only be performed successfully under certain conditions. It is important to show you the possibilities and limitations of this method for you in advance, a professional teeth cleaning should be done urgently beforehand.

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