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Dental sleep medicine in Munich | Dentist at Asamhof

Dental sleep medicine in Munich

As a member practice of the German Society for Dental Sleep Medicine (DGZS), we deal in depth with the diagnosis and therapy of sleep-related respiratory disorders. Our practice in Munich works in an interdisciplinary manner with sleep laboratories and doctors for ear, nose and throat medicine (ENT). If there is an indication for a splint to treat the diagnosed sleep disorder (sleep apnea), an individually laboratory-made protrusion splint can be fitted by the practitioner after scans.

The same splint systems are used to treat simple snoring.

Splint system against sleep apnoea from the Muggenthaler dental practice at Asamhof Munich

Splint system against sleep disorders from the Muggenthaler dental practice at Asamhof Munich

Rail system of sleep medicine DGZS Dental practice Muggenthaler at Asamhof Munich

Splint system against snoring from DGZS dental practice Muggenthaler in Asamhof Munich

For sleep apnea

In principle, a prescription can be made by a sleep physician. The dentist determines according to certain criteria (including dental status) whether a mandibular protusion splint can be fitted before he is allowed to make and fit it. The dentist is the "extended arm" of the sleep physician in this therapy.

Most private and many statutory health insurance companies now cover the costs of a mandibular protrusion splint for diagnosed sleep apnea if the indication is correct. We will gladly help you with reimbursement questions.

For simple snoring / ronchopathy

If there is only simple snoring and no diagnosed sleep apnea, the same splint systems can be incorporated. If sleep apnoea is suspected, we will be happy to refer you to a suitable specialist for clarification.


Mandibular advancement splints are billed according to the dentist's fee schedule (GOZ), the costs vary depending on the case and amount to approx. 1500 euros. If the health insurance companies do not cover or subsidize the treatment, the costs must be borne by the patient. For example, in the case of simple snoring without a diagnosed sleep apnea.

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