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Root canal treatment endodontics in Munich | Dentist at Asamhof

Modern endodontics - root canal treatment in Munich

Modern root canal treatment in downtown Munich

Root canal treatment in Munich with the specialists of the dentists at Asamhof

All teeth consist of the root and crown. The tooth roots consist of a cavity in which the nerve of the tooth and its blood vessels run. The root thus keeps the tooth alive. If the root canal becomes inflamed or otherwise damaged, the first priority is to preserve the tooth in order to prevent it from dying and the implant from being attached to it. If the tooth nerve is irreversibly damaged or already dead, the tooth can usually only be preserved by a professional root canal treatment at our Munich office. During this treatment, all inflamed or already dead nerve parts are carefully removed. We mainly use mechanical and electrophysical-chemical methods to clean and then disinfect the entire length of the root canal. Only in special cases is a medicinal insert necessary.

Holistic root canal treatment in Munich thanks to the most modern practice equipment

Using the latest technology, such as our nickel-titanium files, we ensure a complete cleaning of the root canal and disinfect it with an ultrasonically activated rinsing solution. Last but not least, we seal the root canal antibacterially with thermoplastic material so that no new foci of disease can form in the tooth, thus ensuring its long-term health. For particularly complex root canal treatments, we seal the tooth in question with a high-quality crown. Depending on its complexity, a root canal treatment usually takes several sessions at our practice in Munich's Asamhof.

Necessary instruments for modern endondontics (root canal treatment)

In order to do justice to modern endondontics, our practice has all the means at its disposal to achieve the best possible results and prognosis of a root canal treatment:

  • Mechanical (Reciproc-) rotating preparation with nickel-titanium files
  • Endometry (electrometric length determination of the root canals)
  • Ultrasonically activated rinsing solutions for disinfecting root canals
  • Laser or photodynamic disinfection of the root canals
  • Devices for "warm" filling of the root canals for bacteria-proof sealing

Our practice specializing in root canal treatment in Munich offers endodontic treatments of the highest standard. We benefit from the most modern and innovative methods, the know-how of our specialists and the many years of experience of our practice. Precision and care are our top priorities. Please contact us if you have any further questions, we are happy to help you.

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