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Toothache treatment in Munich | Dentist at Asamhof

Pain treatment - Toothache - Traumatology in Munich

Acute pain treatment for toothache directly in Munich city centre at the Asamhof

No pain is comparable to real toothache.

In case of acute toothache and dental accidents we will of course try to make an appointment with you as soon as possible.

Toothache can have various causes. In most cases, deep caries, irreversibly damaged tooth nerves, periodontitis or other gum diseases are the trigger. Even hypersensitive teeth can be quite painful!

The therapy can therefore vary accordingly: With a filling, a root canal treatment or iner systematic periodontitis treatment. Sometimes - and thank goodness rarely - the extraction of the tooth in question is unfortunately the only solution.

Usually the causes of the toothache are diagnosed quite quickly. Besides a clinical examination, x-rays play an important role. In our practice in Munich of course digital and low-radiation

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