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Modern endodontics - root canal treatment in Munich

Modern root canal treatment in downtown Munich

If the dental nerve is irreversibly damaged or already dead, the tooth can usually only be preserved by a root canal treatment at our Munich clinic. After the tooth has been opened, the root canal is cleaned and disinfected mechanically (by machine) and with electrophysical-chemical methods, sometimes a medicinal insert is necessary. The root canal is then filled with thermoplastic material and sealed with a bacteria-proof filling.

In order to do justice to modern endondontics, our Munich practice has all the means at its disposal to achieve the best possible results and prognosis of a root canal treatment:

  • Mechanical (Reciproc-) rotating preparation with nickel-titanium files
  • Endometry (electrometric length determination of the root canals)
  • Ultrasonically activated rinsing solutions for disinfecting root canals
  • Laser or photodynamic disinfection of the root canals
  • Devices for "warm" filling of the root canals for bacteria-proof sealing