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Sports dentistry in Munich

Sports dentistry for athletes through performance splints in Munich

Health begins in the mouth - Dentistry especially for athletes

For years we have been looking after recreational and professional athletes in our practice in the heart of Munich. Diseases of the teeth and the oral cavity are not only unpleasant, but can also strain the whole body. Therefore, the athletic potential can also be impaired. An athlete with tooth or jaw problems will never be able to use his full potential. Our practice is specialized in the treatment of hobby and professional athletes. A holistic approach is a matter of course for us.

Sports injuries in the tooth - mouth and jaw area

In many sports (e.g. football, hockey, mountain biking) the risk of injury or loss of teeth is particularly high. A sports mouthguard should always be worn for high-risk sports. This will be individually adapted to you after measurement.


Inflammations of the jawbone or the periodontium cannot always be detected from the outside, but often easily on X-rays. Symptoms can be reduced athletic performance or a higher susceptibility to injuries.


Amalgam, plastics or adhesives: Some people are sensitive to materials used in dentistry. If the cause of symptoms is unclear, it is often useful to search for an intolerance.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth which cannot or can only partially erupt are inflamed or even cause a cyst. Sohar rheumatic inflammation or heart muscle inflammation can occur. A risk not only for athletes.

Malpositioning of the jaw or teeth

An existing CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction) can affect the entire musculoskeletal system and body statics. Such disorders can be transmitted via the spine to the entire body and thus cause, for example, poor posture.


Sports foods such as isotonic drinks or energy bars often contain harmful ingredients. If consumed regularly during training, acid and sugar attack the tooth enamel, leading to erosion and can thus be responsible for secondary diseases.


Injury prevention

Why individually manufactured sports mouthguards?

Individually manufactured mouthguards fit exactly onto the teeth, sit firmly, allow free breathing and normal speaking. Not every sports mouthguard is the same! Boil & Bite mouthguards (boil and bite) fit badly and loosen. The athlete must keep this mouthguard on the teeth, this prevents him from top performance.

Many scientific studies show that a Boil & Bite mouthguard gives a false sense of protection due to the dramatic loss of strength (biting through) that occurs during fitting.

Our sports mouthguards are always multi-layered: two soft layers for cushioning and a hard one for pressure distribution. In addition, we manufacture the mouthguard in a position that gives the jaw joint a "reserve space" in case of blows or falls. This prevents fractures of the jaw joint. For this purpose, a measurement of the jaw and a registration of the bite position is carried out prior to fabrication. A correctly adjusted, individual mouthguard can even lead to lower lactate values by increasing the "Posterior Airway Space" and thus to an increase in performance.

On request, we provide the sports mouthguard with player number, name, club logo or other markings. Straps for attachment to helmet grilles are of course also possible.

Control examination

Teeth, gums and oral mucosa should be checked regularly by the dentist. In this way, diseases and risks can be detected and treated at an early stage, even before symptoms occur. Individual therapy plans are a matter of course for us to maintain the health of your teeth in the long term.


In order to protect your teeth from harmful influences in the best possible way, we carry out prophylaxis at regular intervals. This is done on the basis of your individual conditions and risks.

A professional dental cleaning removes plaque and residues, thus counteracting the two main diseases caries and periodontitis. If there are particularly deep pits on the occlusal surfaces of the molars, these can be sealed to prevent caries.


Of course we will advise you in all matters so that you can keep your teeth healthy in everyday life. Do you have questions about the right care and prevention? Would you like to detect risk factors in your diet? Our team of dental specialists will be happy to answer your questions and support you in achieving your goal: to deliver the best performance.

The Performance splint is a special bite splint which was developed for the individual and demanding needs of athletes. Their aim is to ensure an optimal position of the lower jaw during sport and to compensate for malpositions.

Worn during sports, these splints optimize the bite position of the lower jaw and efficiently compensate for malocclusions. If the tension of the temporomandibular joint is prevented, all other muscle groups of the neck and neck muscles up to the lower back can relax. The release of stress hormones, as triggered by clenching teeth, can also be contained. This allows the body to concentrate fully on the optimal performance. Prominent top athletes show how a performance splint can lead to an improvement of balance, speed, maximum strength, regeneration and endurance. In all kinds of sports Si can lead to more endurance and stability.

Studies have shown that wearing it during exercise can also lead to improved breathing by enlarging the posterior airways. Thus the formation of lactate in the muscles can be reduced or delayed.

Performance splint for athletes by measurement with optoelectronic 3D diagnostics

The measurement of the jaw is painless and uncomplicated in our practice. We use the most modern optoelectronic measuring methods, which record the jaw movements very precisely and in real time and display them directly on the computer screen. On the basis of this 3D diagnosis, the exact jaw position or the parameters of the joint paths are calculated and your individual performance splint is manufactured.

Your own performance track

Are you an athlete yourself and do you have questions about the performance rail or the process of measuring? Simply contact our experienced team in Munich, we will be happy to advise you!


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